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Kayla McCormick


In August of 2012, I left my job at Oprah to pursue my dream of backpacking the world solo. 


Having spent the vast majority of my solo travels in Latin America, I wanted to see how I would fare in a place where I didn't quite know the culture or even speak the language.  I decided to begin my journey in the Far East and then head west to more familiar terrain in Europe.  

I would post brief summaries of each place I went and intended "next-stops" on Facebook to see if anyone within my personal network of Facebook friends or acquaintances knew of anyone I could potentially meet up with.  Inevitably, I found that after visiting 13 countries and dozens of big cities all over the world, somebody ALWAYS knew someone who could, at the very least, meet up for a quick coffee and/or sometimes even take me in for a few days to a week.  I traveled "Paul Theroux style" (as much as I could by train and by land). Bigger continental jumps were done by plane, yet only when a cheap fare would surface. 


Below are some highlight albums from the trip:

Indonesia (Bali to Java- 29 hours by bus/ferry)

Indonesia (Bukit Luwang, Sumatra):

Indonesia (Tuk Tuk, Sumatra)



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

Bangkok, Thailand:

Phnom Pehn, Cambodia:

Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:

Overnight Train to Hoi Ann, Vietnam:



Autignac, France:

Camino de Santiago, Spain:


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